Lambda Award and Printz Honor Winning Author

Coming September 11, 2018

Someone Else’s Shoes

Twelve-year-old Izzy is a budding comedian, but her own life is nothing to laugh about. After her parents divorced, her father moved to Boston and remarried–and now they’re having a baby. Her mother is dating Izzy’s dentist, Dr. Gustino, whose rebellious sixteen-year-old son, Ben, Izzy finds slightly frightening. Izzy’s two best friends, Cookie and Pauline, seem to have grown up over the summer and are as annoyed by her as she suddenly is by them. And worst of all, her ten-year-old cousin, Oliver, and his father, her Uncle Henderson, have moved in with Izzy and her mother following the suicide of Oliver’s mother.

Just when Izzy thought things couldn’t get worse, Ben is forced to stay at the already overcrowded house while Dr. Gustino tends to an out-of-state emergency. Izzy feels she’s been helping Oliver deal with the trauma of his mother’s death, but Oliver bonds with Ben immediately, and Izzy is once again left out. When Uncle Henderson disappears suddenly, Izzy finds herself on an impromptu road trip across two states with Oliver and Ben, all three of them seeking family and acceptance.



A new edition of Parrotfish is now available!

Parrotfish prepack pbk cvr

Parrotfish was written in 2005 and published in 2007, but in those ten years, there have been changes in the language used to talk about transgender people. So Parrotfish needed an updated edition and this is it! There is also a completely updated resources section at the back of the book.



What others have said about my books:

“Ellen Wittlinger’s Hard Love was one of the books that inspired me to write young adult novels.” – John Green, New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars

About Parrotfish: “I loved this book. It is tender, warm, sweet, funny, authentic, and completely captivating.” –Julie Ann Peters, National Book Award finalist for Luna

“What a great book! I love Parrotfish and think it’s very much a book whose time has come.” –Nancy Garden, author of the classic Annie on my Mind

About Love & Lies: “A wonderful book. Smart, funny, always involving and often moving, this is a young adult novel but more adult in its wisdom than many grown-up tales. I’ve been recommending it to everyone, regardless of age.”– Christopher Bram, author of The Notorious Dr. August

Hard Love is hip and compelling. This gutsy book remind us that in love and friendship, often there are no easy answers. Ellen Wittlinger’s masterstroke is that she makes us rejoice in a difficult, but honest, resolution.” – Rob Thomas, author of Rats Saw God.