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Readers Respond

If you've written anything in response to one of my books, please send it to me at and I'll post it here!

In response to Hard Love:

I may have read 100 books
And will read 100 more
But yours caught me a bit off my guard
And made my emotions soar

I've never found myself crying from reading
I admit that it's a sensation that I hate
Thought no matter what I say or do
I can only re-read and relate

I've never written like this before
So do forgive me if I seem surreal
It's just the way your book has touched me
And the way it makes me feel

I've read your book more than once
And cried every time
But I suppose that's because I'm just like John
Guilty of the same crime

I'll be nice and spare you my tale
Because I'm sure you've heard it before
But having read your book
I thhink I know what I'm in for

I just wanted to thank you
Now I know it will likely be push and shove
But at least now I know
That I'm in for a "Hard Love"

--Leigh, the Dallas Giovanni

Marisol Guzman, as imagined by Selene Farfan

--Selene Farfan

Books of an unusual and amazing nature

If only there were words for how I feel about your books....
They really mean a lot to me, like a blanket on a cold night,
always there to keep you warm,
and make sure you are happy.
When I read one of your books,
which I have read many--
Hard Love, Love and Lies,
The Long Night of Leo and Bree,
Zigzag, Razzle, Sandpiper,
Heart on my Sleeve,
Gracie's Girl,
What's in a name--
It feels as though
the book speaks to me,
and I feel comforted.

--The Shadow Queen

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