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Kids: I have two: Kate, a singer and inveterate traveler who is currently living in Nashville and working as a book review editor, and Morgan, a recent graduate of Hampshire College, who is now living in L.A. and working as a film editor.



Animals: I love animals and would have even more of them except my poor husband, David, is somewhat allergic. We have two cats, a calico named Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) and a spotted ocicat named Jasper (nicknamed Jazz).





The newest addition to the family is a rescue dog named Woody. He’s an Australian shepherd mix who came to us from Mississippi. He’s full of vinegar and we love him!



Hobbies: I love traveling (who doesn't?), but David says I only like to travel as an excuse to take pictures. I love taking photographs, although I'm a real amateur. Still, framing a shot is so exciting to me. I was an art major in college and I still enjoy working with design, line, and color, even though the painting thing never worked out for me. My newest passion along these lines is rug hooking--so much fun (see below!). I also enjoy gardening, but especially sitting in the garden after the work is done. And, let's see, I always loved dancing. David and I took several years of ballroom dancing about a decade ago, and we can still do a mean foxtrot. Reading, of course, is more an addiction than a hobby.


Where I live: in an old Victorian house in a tiny town in western Massachusetts where we can’t hang the bird feeders out between March and November because the bears will smell them and come to visit!







Here I am with David in South Carolina last March.


What have I done lately? A few years ago my husband’s very large family—about 30 of us—met in Kansas City, Missouri to help build a Habitat for Humanity home. It was the 25th anniversary of the Kansas City Habitat group, which was started by my husband's parents, John and Mary Pritchard, and the family was dedicating this house build to them. Even though it was brutally hot and humid, we had a great time all working together. Here I am with my sister-in-law, Anne Wong, getting ready to put up some kind of roof insulation.

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